How to Force Download File With PHP

force download file php.jpg-img
Basically, most of files such .ZIP, .EXE, .DOCX etc files are easy to download, its just matter of an hyperlink but what about PHP, HTML files? How do you share your 'PHP file' to download [...] Read More
2019-01-20 2401 1 Minute(s) Read 2 pujan

Make a Simple URL Shortener System in PHP

url shortener with php thumbnail.jpg-img
Short URL is popular for sharing links over social media because it looks tiny. There are many free URL Shortener [...] Read More
2019-01-13 32126 3 Minute(s) Read 69 pujan

Create Simple HTTP Authentication in PHP

simple http authentication php.jpg-img
Normally, we use login system to secure our information on our webpage.  If we have to create simple and secure login system then it will takes little time and some pre-planing. If you[...] Read More
2019-01-06 1102 1 Minute(s) Read 0 pujan

Convert Number to Nepali Word in PHP

number nepali word php.jpg-img
If you are building web app for Nepali Client then you may need Nepali number to word system in PHP to print numbers in Nepali word. There are many open source PHP scripts to convert number[...] Read More
2018-12-30 2645 2 Minute(s) Read 2 pujan

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