How To Partially Hide Email Address in PHP

partially hide email with php.jpg-img
Perhaps you may noticed twitter, facebook, google partially hide email address during forgot password process. To reduce risk of user enumeration vulnerability. If you want to do same in your PHP w[...] Read More
2018-12-23 3685 1 Minute(s) Read 0 pujan

Secure Image Upload System in PHP

secure image upload.jpg-img
Most of newbie developer afraid to make a image upload function for user just because of insecurity. If your script allowed to upload any kinds of file then you can be easily hacked. Most o[...] Read More
2018-12-16 3713 4 Minute(s) Read 1 pujan

Get Current Page URL in PHP

thumbnail current url php.jpg-img
Sometime during web development period we struggle on little things such as getting current URL. I also struggled to print current URL while coding this site. We will use reserved variable [...] Read More
2018-12-10 5194 1 Minute(s) Read 19 pujan

Calculate Devanagari(Nepali/Hindi) Numbers in PHP

devanagari number php.png-img
Hello there, Specially if you are developing web apps for local Nepali or Indian offices with feature of calculation then you might have to display, calculate and manage Devanagari numbers.[...] Read More
2018-12-02 2794 2 Minute(s) Read 2 pujan

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