How To Make Simple Contact Us form in PHP

secure contact us.png-img
Most blogs or website have contact us form in their page. That will admin to directly communicate with visitors. Usually newbie bloggers don't make contact us form in their blog. If you also don't [...] Read More
2018-11-25 6801 2 Minute(s) Read 19 pujan

Difference Between Require_Once and Require in PHP

require vs require once.png-img
How many of you use include or require function during coding in PHP language. Perhaps most of newbie use any of these preloaded functions. Do you know difference between include and requir[...] Read More
2018-11-11 6171 1 Minute(s) Read 11 pujan

Generate Random String in PHP

random string.png-img
Hello there, We need to generate random string while developing web in PHP. Mostly for password, cookies, tokens etc. Passwords, tokens, cookies, sessions should be uniquely generat[...] Read More
2018-11-10 2631 1 Minute(s) Read 2 pujan

Nepali Date [AD-BS] Converter in PHP

open source ad bs.png-img
If someone says I celebrate my birthday 3 times in a year then he must be lying or he must be Nepali. First birthd[...] Read More
2018-11-09 13057 2 Minute(s) Read 51 pujan

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